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Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women (WHW) was founded 25 years ago to help low-and-moderate-income women receive critical medical care. Over the years, this program has become a hallmark of the Pardee Hospital Foundation and a significant force for good within our community.

Designed to provide supplementary support for women who require necessary medical treatment but cannot shoulder the costs, WHW steps forward to fill this financial gap in women’s moment of greatest need. 

The WHW Fund supports:

2022 Photo Gallery

Women of Hope

One component of the WHW Program is to recognize courageous women who have battled devastating diseases and have prevailed. We call these women the Women of Hope, and we recognize several every year. Their stories of courage and perseverance inspire us and remind us of the strength of the human spirit.

2022 Women of Hope

Ashley Hornsby Welch

“A breast cancer diagnosis in my early 40’s was absolutely terrorizing. Family, friends and my cancer team loved me through it all. You do not know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”

Roxanna Dallies

“Faith and Love, the two powerful forces that helped me through my darkest hours and support me every day.”

Dawn Creasman

“Life’s journey makes unexpected turns. Through my cancer journey my faith and family helped me to let go of the fear and to be brave. Kindness from family, friends and caregivers was a blessing that I still feel.  You never know how a sweet smile, an encouraging word or a hug can make such a difference, but it does.”

2021 Women of Hope

Lynn Easler

“Cancer changed my body. It doesn’t have to change the person God created me to be.”

Virginia Spigener

“Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes the storm rages and God calms His child. This time the storm raged…and God did calm His child.”

Sandy Williams

“I truly believe that I was born with a positive attitude! Faith, family, and friends have kept me on that track. To embrace life and to encourage others are my goals. To laugh often is medicine for the soul.”