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Healthcare is People

When you donate to one of Pardee Hospital Foundation’s funds or programs, or when you participate in one of our events, you are not only supporting the hospital in developing new and innovative treatments—you are bolstering the health of your loved ones and the health of your community.

Healthcare is people: the people in Henderson County whom you know personally, and those whom you will come to know through your support of the Foundation. This support underscores the very essence of what it means to belong to a community: to join together in common purpose, recognizing that none of us can go it alone.

From our signature annual events to our critical  initiatives and programs, the Pardee Hospital Foundation makes it easy to become a member of our organization. We function as a repository where thousands of people from Henderson County and Western North Carolina have come together to achieve remarkable feats, such as building a world-class cancer care center.

As we embark on a world and health landscape that feels more frightening, more uncertain than ever, the Pardee Hospital Foundation is a port in a storm: we provide financial sustenance to a nonprofit hospital devoted to improving the lives and health outcomes of those in our community.

Why Your Gift Matters

The operating costs of the Foundation are entirely underwritten by Pardee Hospital, which means that 100% of your gift goes to the patients. As the only locally-managed nonprofit hospital in Western North Carolina, Pardee continues to expand its services and offer new avenues of care.
  • We are the only hospital in the region equipped to treat serious heart attacks, and our Cardiac Cath Lab offers advanced cardiac care close to home.
  • Pardee’s Cancer Center can treat 90% of all diagnosed cancers.
  • Our orthopedic department continues to progress in the treatment of breaks and fractures in our five clinics spread across Henderson, Buncombe, and Haywood counties.
None of this would be possible without the beneficence of our donors.