Coffee for a Cause

Through a partnership between Sweet Gypsy Coffee and the Pardee Hospital Foundation, up to $10 of the purchase price of this signature one-pound bag of coffee will go directly to Women Helping Women. This Foundation program supports women who have been, or will be, patients at Pardee by offering needed financial and emotional support. Learn more. 

Tribute Gifts

Memorial and tribute gifts are a wonderful way to honor or remember a loved one while also having the benefit of supporting the mission of the Pardee Hospital Foundation. Pay tribute to your mother on Mother’s Day or your father on Father’s Day. Recognize a special caregiver or a loved one who was treated at Pardee UNC Health Care and who made an impact on your life. Find out how to give a tribute gift.

Women Helping Women

Save the date for the 20th Annual Women Helping Women Luncheon on Friday, Oct. 20 at Blue Ridge Community College.

We are excited to announce that our keynote speaker for the event will be popular speaker and the author of three best-selling books, journalist Lee Woodruff. Whether she’s sharing wisdom about the healthcare journey and recovery, or speaking candidly about life and family, she draws on her experiences to connect with the audience. Reserve your seat today!

Donor Stories

Jean Ann Rushton is the Regent of the Joseph McDowell Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in Hendersonville.

“We are a service organization and always want to support projects in our community,” says Rushton. “Several members of our chapter have faced cancer, either themselves or as caregivers. We wanted to give back to Pardee because we believe having a strong cancer center here in Henderson County is so important.”

Supporting the Cancer Center is the Rushton’s way of saying just how much she values this community.

Read more of Rushton’s story.

Donor Spotlight:

January – May 2017
Mrs. Judith A. Abrell
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Adams
Mrs. Julia B. Adamson
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Albrecht
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Alexander
Mrs. Willa M. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Amatangelo
American Century Investments
Andy Oxy Co., Inc.
Mr. Neal Appel
Mr. Bernard A. Apple
Arthrex Distributed by Peerless Surgical Inc.
Asheville Office Solutions
Association of Fundraising Professionals – WNC Chapter
Mrs. Janet T. Atherton
Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Babcock
Mrs. Judith G. Bacon
Mrs. Eli Laila T. Bajakian
Mr. Robert C. Barnes
Ms. Renee’ M. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Beam
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Benzing
Dr. Judith Berson-Levinson
Blue Ridge X-Ray Company, Inc.
Mrs. Lynn G. Blythe
Mrs. Emma E. Boedeker
Mrs. Georgia A. Bonesteel
Mr. Robert N. Braswell
James Brewer, Ph.D.
Ms. Angela Brittain
Ms. Lori Bromley
Mrs. Carol P. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Burns
Mr. and Mrs. William Byars
Mr. Frank J. Byrd
Mrs. Marcia G. Cage
Ms. Carolyn Camarata
Camp Greystone, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Spencer Campbell, Jr.
Cardinal Point Properties
CarePartners Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Carl, Jr.
Carolina Ophthalmology
Carolina Village, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Carson Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Carpenter
Mr. Shaugn Carroll
Mrs. Bette G. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde A. Case, Jr.
Mrs. Louise P. Caser
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Caserio
Mr. Michael Cavacos
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Chandler
Ms. Barbara S. Chapman
Charlotte Engineers
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Chelena
Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program
Children & Family Resource Center
Mr. and Mrs. Damian Chipriano
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Ciordia
Dr. and Mrs. Albert H. Clark
Mrs. Edith L. Clark
CMS Imaging
Coleman Freeman Auto Sales
Columbia Insurance Group
Community Foundation of Henderson County
Comprehensive Pain Consultants
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Connor
Ms. Jessi Correa
Chelsea Darley
Mrs. Roberta P. Davern
Dr. and Mrs. J. David deHoll
Mr. and Mrs. L. Clay Denny
Ms. Jacqueline Destefano
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Destremps
Mr. David L. Dethero
Diamond Rush Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Doebler
Dr. and Mrs. D. Scott Donaldson
Ms. Shirley W. DuCuennois
Duke Energy
Terral K. Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Edney
Edward Jones – Adams
Karla Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Egolf
Mrs. Barbara S. Ehrlich
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Eisenhauer
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Ellis
Ms. Ruth E. Enloe
Entegra Bank
Robin Ertzberger
Mr. and Mrs. Rojelio P. Espinosa
Evergreen Medical Services, Inc.
Exeter Trust Company
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Falvo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fazio
First Bank
First Citizens Bank
First United Methodist Church
Aileen Flax
Flooring America
Dr. Kohlan J. Flynn
Mrs. Nicole Forte
Ms. Bea F. Fosmire
Four Seasons Compassion for Life
Mrs. Caroline W. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Fraser
Ms. Una B. Fredrick
Rev. Annie R. Fritschner
Erika Garcia
Gail and Brian Garren
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Garrison
GE Lighting Systems, Inc.
Mr. Robert Geiger
Mr. Herbert G. Gibbs
Mr. Robert Gibson
Adrienne P. Giddens
Gillett Stallings Law Office
Mike Gilliam Agency, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Glassman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gmyrek
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Goodfield
Siobhan M. Gore
Mrs. Molly M. Gorsuch
Ms. Myra N. Grant
Mrs. Dona B. Green
Ms. Caroline L. Gunther
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Earle R. Haire
Ms. Sharon Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick P. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Harris
Dr. Clay Haskins
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hastie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Heilman
Hendersonville Health and Rehabilitation
Hendersonville Radiological Consultants, PA
Dr. Jennifer Hensley and Mr. Kevin Hensley
Bill and Pam Herbst
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Hiatt
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hickey
Dr. and Mrs. John K. Hill, II
Rev. and Mrs. David Hinkelman
Kimberly Hodge
Ms. Margaret F. Hodges
Horizon CSA, LLC
Horizon Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC
Ms. Myrl Jean Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Buzz Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hustis
Mr. Sam Iauch
Mr. Clark Irwin
Mrs. Mary Ball Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Johannes
Carol I. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Johnson
Mrs. Sharon W. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Derek A. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Jones
Kelly R. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Jones
Mr. Peter Kalil
Mr. and Mrs. R. Donald Kauffman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Kauffold
Ms. Lillian A. Kessler
Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee King
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kirby, II
Mr. and Mrs. Lester W. Klotzbach
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Knoll
Ms. Elizabeth A. Kohl
Kona Ice of Asheville
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Kopko
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kriegel
Mr. David Lamoureaux
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Lapsley
Mrs. Dina B. Larsen
Laurel Park ABC Board
The Laurels of Hendersonville
Maria LeMaster
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Leonard, Jr.
Ms. Jane C. Leonard
Dr. Judith Berson-Levinson and Mr. Steven Z. Levinson
Ms. Candace A. Lewis
Ms. Linda G. Liebman
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick V. Linse
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Little
Dr. Glover Little and Ms. Lynn Killian
The Lodge at Mills River
Ms. Denise C. Long
Denise Lucas, VP Clinical Services, CNO
Ms. Elizabeth A. Lutz
Ms. Michele T. Lyons
MAG Mutual Insurance Company
Mr. Bryce A. Malsbary
Mr. Norman P. Mandeville
Ms. Sarah S. Markham
Mrs. Inga W. Marler
Mrs. Dorothy D. Marlow
Mr. and Mrs. D. Vaughan Matthews
Mr. Ernest D. Mazzatenta
Dr. Gregory S. McCarty and Dr. Elizabeth T. McCarty
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. McGlashan
James W. McKee, CNMT BS SC
Mr. Ronald McKee
Walker McSwain
Mark E. Meadows
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Merrell
Cdr. and Mrs. William J. Meyers
Mr. David L. Michalski
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Miller
Mr. and Ms. Joseph M. Miller
Patricia K. Mills
Ms. Shirley D. Moore
Karen and Mike Morris
Morrow Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. Mark J. Morse
Mountain Area PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Moyer
Mr. and Mrs. Garland E. Mullinax
Mrs. Betty J. Murtfeldt
Andrea Neumeyer
Gen. and Mrs. Gregory S. Newbold
Mr. and Mrs. Lee V. Nichols
Mr. Billy H. Nodine
North Henderson High School
Ms. Diane Nowak
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Oates, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. O’Cain
Mrs. Mary G. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Orr
Mrs. Julie Osteen
Ms. Sherry L. Painter
Mr. Kevin W. Parries
Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Parry
Dr. and Mrs. Joshua K. Paschke
Mr. and Mrs. Will Penny
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co of Hickory, NC, Inc.
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co of Hickory, NC, Inc.
Mr. Allyn W. Perkins
Mr. Jonathan Pernell
Ms. Nancy S. Pew
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Mr. Jeremy Phillips and Ms. Angela O. Vaughan
Eunice E. Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Poole
Mr. Richard Porter and Ms. Gail Ensinger
Ms. Paige Posey
Mr. Jason Pryor
Dr. and Mrs. Jerald D. Pyles
Ms. Catherine Quinn
Mr. Gary Raasch
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Rader
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Radford, Jr.
Raymond’s Garden Center
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Redden, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Reed
Ms. Johnna Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reinhardt, III
Relief Anesthesia Services, Inc.
Mrs. Evelyn L. Renda
Hope and David Reynolds
Michelle D. Reynolds
Dr. and Mrs. G. L. Richards, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Rickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ridgley
Mrs. Penny N. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Robinson
Chris and Amy Romans
Milissa Roper
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Ross
Mrs. Phyllis C. Rothrock
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Rouse, III
Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Rueschmann
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rushton, Jr.
Darlene A. Sain
Mr. Newell J. Saltz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Sandridge, Jr.
Ms. Minh Scott
Lisa M. Shadowens
Mrs. Friedel W. Sharadin
Mr. Stan Shelley
Dr. R. Kendall Shelton and Ms. Margaret D. McClung
Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Shoemaker
Mr. Richard J. Siltzer
Kim and Terry Simon
Southeastern Physical Therapy
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Spigener
Bonnie R. Stanley
State Farm Insurance, Judy Stroud
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Staton
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance W. Stein
Linda H. Stepp
C Rivers Stone Foundation Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Streff
Dr. Marie O. Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sturm
Mr. and Mrs. Ken F. Sugawara
Summey Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Summey
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Summey
Mr. and Mrs. Bill E. Swafford
Ms. Sharon B. Taylor
The Van Winkle Law Firm
Dr. and Mrs. Colin E. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. J. Eric Thomas
Mrs. Jane H. Thompson
Mrs. Linda L. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Thorndike, Jr.
Ms. Lenore Threlkeld
Dr. and Mrs. S. Grey Tilden
Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Todd
Ms. Sandra Tolson
Total MSP
Amy and Stan Treece
Triangle Stop Food Stores
Ms. Ann Twiggs
UBS Employee Giving Programs
UBS Financial Services, Inc – Asheville
United Community Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Van Oosten
Mrs. Nancy Van Oosten
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley VanDoren
Vannoy Construction
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Vineyard
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vorheis
Mr. and Mrs. Beau Waddell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hall Waddell
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Walker, III
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wampler
Mrs. Rachel Wampler
Mr. Mark Warwick
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Washer
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Watkins
Dr. and Mrs. Bob L. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Weber
Wells Fargo Private Bank
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Wells
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wermeister
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wert
Ms. Rita H. Whaley
Ms. Debra White
Whitley Drugs, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Willey
Mr. and Mrs. Alva E. Williams
Sally Williams
Mrs. Sandra W. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk A. Willms
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wood
Karen A. Yagerhofer
YMCA of Western North Carolina
Henderson County Family YMCA
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Young
Prof. Kristine Yu
Mrs. Lavinia H. Zimmermann
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Zucker
Ms. Eunice E. Pierce
Mrs. Friedel W. Sharadin