Celebrate Giving Tuesday

Consider donating to Pardee Hospital Foundation this Giving Tuesday to show your support of our local hospital.

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Friday, November 30 Dr. Rodberg

Join us at Flat Rock Cinema on Friday, November 30 to learn from Dr. Rodberg about Advanced Strategies in Lung Cancer Diagnosis

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Our annual Women Helping Women luncheon took place October 19. Click the link to view the photos!

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A Black Tie Affair - Pardee Foundation's 2018 Gala.

The Foundation’s gala, A Black Tie Affair, took place on June 16th. Along with the Philanthropist and Physician of the Year announcement, the gala featured dinner, dancing, live entertainment, a silent auction and a raffle drawing for a custom-planned vacation. To check out the wrap-up of this year's gala check out our blog, or visit the Gala page to view the photos!

small change...BIG IMPACT

Did you know that last year, 77 organizations each raised more than $1 million in checkout counter donations alone? We are excited to announce Pardee Foundation is now able to raise funds at the checkout through our new partnership with CaringCent! Learn more.

Donor Stories

Jean Ann Rushton is the Regent of the Joseph McDowell Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in Hendersonville.

“We are a service organization and always want to support projects in our community,” says Rushton. “Several members of our chapter have faced cancer, either themselves or as caregivers. We wanted to give back to Pardee because we believe having a strong cancer center here in Henderson County is so important.”

Supporting the Cancer Center is the Rushton’s way of saying just how much she values this community.

Read more of Rushton's story.

Donor Spotlight:


A Nurse
Abbott Laboratories
Mrs. Judith A. Abrell
Mrs. Carol S. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Adams
Dr. Ashley E. Albers
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Albers
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Albrecht
Barbara S. Alexander
Mrs. Sallie S. Alexander
All About You Hair Design, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde A. Allen
Ms. Deborah W. Altman
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony S. Amatangelo
American International Group, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Amsler
Dr. Navin Anthony
Mrs. Sheila F. Anthony
Rita Antonelli
Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Appleby
Mrs. Laura E. Arch
Mrs. Shirley Ardolino
Ms. Jenifer Arnold
Ms. Margaret Stallings Arnold
Tyler Arrington
Arthrex Distributed by Peerless Surgical Inc.
Ascendient Healthcare Advisors
Mrs. Janet T. Atherton
Thomas C. Aubrey
Mr. John Austin
Courtney Ayers, RN
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Ayers
Mr. & Mrs. Lee R. Babcock
Mrs. Cornelia Baer
Janet Bailey
Thomas G. Bailey
Judy W. Baker
Dr. & Mrs. Eduardo Balcells
Mr. & Mrs. Bennett T. Balentine
Ms. Karen Balkman
Cheryl Ball
Deborah Ballard
Bank of America
Dr. & Mrs. Glen A. Barden
Renee Barnett
Barnette & Coates Inc.
Ms. Anne Laurie Barone
Mrs. Charlotte M. Barry
Mr. Francisco Javier Bastian Castaneda II
Dr. & Mrs. Evan R. Beasley
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Beattie
Dr. & Mrs. R. David Beaty
Nancy A. Bellick
Raquel Beltran
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mr. & Mrs. E. P. Benzing
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Berman
Ms. Patricia Berry
Ms. Ruth B. Birge
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blencowe
Blue Ridge Community College
Blue Ridge Health
Mr. & Mrs. Justin Blythe
Lynn G. Blythe
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Bobb
Liesse Bohlmann
Ms. Kathy Boland
Mrs. Joy Bollman
Mr. Charles L. Bond
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bond
Ms. Suzanne Bond
Mrs. Georgia A. Bonesteel
Lilly M. Bonetti
Ms. Beverly Boulton
Boyd Automotive Group, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Les Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. L. Campbell Boyd, Jr.
Ms. Nancy M. Boyea
Mrs. Mae H. Boys
Ms. Kathlene K. Brems
Ms. Joan H. Brendle Smith
James Brewer, Ph.D.
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Bright
Rochelle Britt
Mrs. Marilyn B. Broadbent
Mrs. Patricia S. Brogan
Carol P. Brown
Dawn Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Broyles
Bryan Easler Toyota
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Bryant
Robyn Bryson
Mrs. Mary Kay Buhrke
Mrs. Susan R. Bullard
Ms. Joy Bundy
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory R. Burnette
Mrs. Marybeth K. Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Burns
Milton & Jeannette Butterworth
Angela Byrd
Dr. & Mrs. Eric W. Byrd
C & C Senior Services, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Darren M. Cady
Marcia Cage
Chasitty Calhoun
Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo A. Calvo
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Cannon
Wanda P. Cannon
Mr. Richard Cardillo
CarePartners Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Carl, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Carland
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Carland
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Carlstedt
Carolina Ophthalmology
Mr. & Mrs. Carson Carpenter
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Carpenter
Mrs. Bette G. Carter
Mr. Clyde A. Case, Jr.
James J. Caserio, MD, PA
Dr. & Mrs. James J. Caserio
Mrs. Carolyn J. Caserta
Sandy Cashmore
Mrs. Alice Cebula
Ms. Alexandra N. Cedeno
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Chandler
Dr. C. D. Chapman
Mr. & Mrs. Damian Chipriano
Libby Chovan
Ms. Nancy A. Christy
Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Ciordia
Mrs. Edith L. Clark
Ms. Lucy Clark
Robert M. Clarke, II
Mrs. Barbara S. Clay
Mrs. Pamela Cloer
Cocula’s Mexican Restaurant
Mrs. Gayle A. Colby
Linda G. Cole
Coleman Freeman Auto Sales
Mr. & Mrs. John Coleman
Mrs. Sally Collins
Community Foundation of Henderson County
Comprehensive Pain Consultants of the Carolinas
Ms. Karen A. Conley
Hilda Conner
Mrs. Elizabeth F. Cooley
Cooper Construction Co., Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. T. Zachary Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Royal F. Corbin
Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Corrigan
Barry Cosgrove Landscaping, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Cox
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Crafton
Crate Wine Market & Project
Mr. & Mrs. T. Blair Craven
Bettina M. Crawford
Dr. & Mrs. John L. Crawford, III
Mrs. Cricket Crigler
David M. Crist
Maria T. Cruz
Gloria Cunningham
Mrs. Obera Currin
Mrs. Donna Dahl
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Dahl
Lori Daly
Mrs. Carol S. Danilin
Ms. Chelsea Darley
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Darnall
Dr. & Mrs. Amal K. Das, Jr.
Mrs. Roberta P. Davern
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Davidson
Mr. & Mrs. Travis Day
Dr. & Mrs. J. David deHoll
Thomas W. Dellinger
Mrs. Jane Demartini
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Destremps
Mr. David L. Dethero
Mrs. Kathryn Deyerle
Diamond Rush Ltd.
Robyn Dixon
Susan E. Dockery
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Doebler
Dr. & Mrs. D. Scott Donaldson
Ms. Sabra L. Donnell
Ms. LeeAnn Donnelly
Mrs. Veronica A. Doty
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Doyle
Ms. Shirley W. DuCuennois
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Duffey
Duke Energy
Linda Dukes
Mrs. Laura L. Dutton
Terri Dyer
East Henderson High School
Eaton Corporation
Mrs. Ruth M. Eaton
Economy Drugs/Whitley Drugs, Inc
Dr. H. Clay Eddleman, III & Mr. Richard P. Cooke
Ms. Beverly Edgell
Edward Jones, Ken Adams
Candice Edwards
Mrs. Janet S. Edwards
Karla Edwards
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Eisenhauer
Mrs. Brittany Ellis
Dr. & Mrs. David Ellis
Pamela & Daniel Ellis
Megan Ellmers
Entegra Bank
Lisa Hopper Epley
Ms. Carolyn A. Erickson
Jennifer Erskine
Robin Ertzberger
Mrs. Janet Eustace
Evergreen Medical Services, Inc.
Ms. Carrie W. Everhart
Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Faulkner
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Fazio
Carolean Featherstone
Mr. Richard J. Feiner
Shayla Fernandez
First Bank
First Citizens Bank
Rob & Mary Ann Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. James N. Fisher
Erin Fitzpatrick
Flat Rock Pizza
Flat Rock Playhouse
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Fluech
Dr. Kohlan J. Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Trey Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Forsythe
Nicole Forte
Sheila Fortner
Four Seasons Compassion for Life Foundation
Four Seasons Compassion for Life
Mrs. Caroline W. Fowler
Teresa Frady
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Frame
Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Fraser
Mrs. Karen A. Frederick
Christopher & Kristen Freeman
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Frickel
Jim & Susie Fritts
Mrs. Barbara Gabel
Blanca Gachuz
Mr. Dominick L. Gaines
Erika B. Garcia
Jessica Gardner
Rev. & Mrs. Dave Garnett
Brian & Gail Garren
Dr. & Mrs. William T. Garrison
GE Lighting Systems, Inc.
Dr. Elise W. Geary
Ms. Dolores M. Gelly
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gibbs
Mr. Robert Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Giddings
Gillett Law Office, PLLC
Deitria N. Gladden
Ms. Christine Glaser
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart L. Glassman
Ms. Sharon K. Goell
Mrs. Bernadette Golbesky
Alberto Gonzalez
Benita Gonzalez
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Goodfield
Mr. Robert Goodof & Ms. Cynthia J. Null
Mr. Michael J. Gordon
Mr. Billy Gosnell
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Gould
Ms. Myra N. Grant
Sara Grant
Linda Gray
Renee Gray
Ms. Andrea L. Green
Ms. Carol B. Green
Mrs. Dona B. Green
Mrs. Irma Green
Rovonda Green
Jill L. Greene
Mrs. Jacqueline A. Gregory
Ms. Mary Lynn Griffin
Kristen Grondin
Ms. Anne C. Grove
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Guerard, Jr.
Carol L. Guice-Perron
Ms. Caroline L. Gunther
Nazario Gutierrez
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Gwaltney
Rev. & Mrs. Robert L. Haden, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Julius Hagymassey
The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Earle R. Haire
Jamie Hanmer
Mr. & Mrs. Roderick P. Hansen
Mrs. Caroly A. Hargis
Mr. & Mrs. Dale H. Harring
Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Harris
Lori D. Hart
Dr. Clay Haskins
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Hastie
Allea Hawkins
Ms. Mary Heaviland
Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Heilman
Dan Hein
Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Henderson
Hendersonville Country Club, Inc.
Hendersonville Health & Rehabilitation
Hendersonville Radiological Consultants, PA
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Hendricks
Mrs. Jane M. Hendrix
Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Henley
Henn’s Plant Farm
Mrs. Janice K. Hexdall
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Hiatt
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Hickey
Dr. Anna M. Hicks
High Country Style
Ashley Hill
Dr. & Mrs. John K. Hill, II
Tracy Hill
Rev. & Mrs. David Hinkelman
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry P. Hinson
Ms. Kimberly M. Hodge
Ms. Margaret F. Hodges
Mrs. Margaret B. Hoelscher
Mrs. Sarah S. Hoffman
Mr. Don Holder
Mrs. Jean S. Holmes
Ms. Amy Lynn Holt
HomeTrust Bank
Horizon CSA, LLC
Mark Horbeck, RN
Ms. Mary Hoskins
Anna E. Hover
Ms. Frieda Spencer Hudson
Mrs. Lynn C. Huffman
Ms. Myrl Jean Hughes
Mrs. Jana J. Humleker
Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Huneycutt
Mrs. Rosemary Huscher
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Huskes, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Hustis
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hutcherson
Ms. Pamela Inness
Mrs. Paula B. Irving
Mrs. Mary Ball Jackson
Mrs. Dorothy E. Jacobs
Mrs. Janis C. Jarrell
Mr. Dennis L. Jesensky
John Ross, Inc.
Carol I. Johnson
Mr. Henry T. Johnson
Karen Johnson
Rena Johnson
Mrs. Sharon W. Johnson
Mr. Tate Johnson
Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. Jones
Mr. J. Edward Jones
Mrs. Joyce S. Jones
Kelly Jones
Lynn S. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Jones
Sherri E. Jones
Jordan Richards, PLLC
Joseph Laughter Clothier
Rachael F. Justice
Justus Truck Lines, Inc
Abigail Karroubi
Mr. & Mrs. R. Donald Kauffman
Mr. & Mrs. Ty Keplinger
Dr. Andrew D. Kersten & Dr. Casey E. Kersten
Dr. & Mrs. James G. Kessaris
Mr. & Mrs. Terry B. Ketcham
Karla J. Ketwitz
Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Randy Kirbo
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kirby, II
Dr. M. Anne Kirkley & Dr. Sidney E. Kirkley
Wanda Kitchen
Mr. & Mrs. Lester W. Klotzbach
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Klug
Mr. H.C. Knief
Dr. & Mrs. John Kogoy
Valentina Konko
Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Kopko
Ms. Nancy E. Kussrow
Diane Kyker
Laborde Eye Group
Dr. Steven K. Lackey & Mrs. Laurie Bingaman Lackey
Ms. Sylvia E. LaFave
Lake Pointe Landing Retirement Community
Mr. David Lamoureaux
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Lapsley
Laurel Park ABC Board
Laurel Park Yoga
Laurels of Hendersonville
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Lavigne
Mrs. Vicki D. Leary
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Leatherwood
Ms. Louaine D. Leisching
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard F. Leonard, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Levine
Dr. Edward A. Lewis
Margaret Lewis
Lee Liles
Mrs. Katherine Limmiatis
Ms. Brooke Lintern
Anthony Little
Dr. Glover Little & Ms. Lynn Killian
Karen Livingston
LLR Inc.
The Lodge at Mills River
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Logan, Sr.
Ms. Caroline Long
Ms. Denise Cumbee Long
Mr. & Mrs. James K. Longman, II
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lorenz
Nina Lovern
Mrs. Marian P. Lowry
Denise Lucas, VP Cliinical Services, CNO
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Lucha
Ms. Elizabeth A. Lutz
Ms. Judith M. Lutzenberger
Lora Lyda
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen MacDowell
MAG Mutual Insurance Company
Mrs. Barbara J. Mandell
Norman Mandeville
Mrs. Sigrun Mapes
Ms. Ruth L. Marcus
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis H. Marker
Ms. Sarah S. Markham
Mrs. Inga W. Marler
Ms. Julie A. Marquez
Ms. Jane Marston
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Martin
Julisa Martinez
Mrs. Sally L. Massagee
Mr. Stanton E. Massie
Ms. Ann Matteson
Mr. & Mrs. D. Vaughan Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Matykiewicz
Tonya Maxwell
Joyce M. Maybin
Dr. Jennifer M. McAlister & Mr. Chris McAlister
Shana McBride
Eva McCallister
Judy McClure
Mrs. Kathryn M. McConnell
Mr. John C. McCormick
Beatrice McCullough
Mrs. Tammy L. McCurdy
Ms. Kaye McDonnell
Michael R. McDuffey
Stanley McEntire
Mr. & Mrs. John J. McGuire
Mr. & Mrs. Luke McKelvy
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin L. McKenney
Mrs. Susan McKenney
Mr. & Mrs. William D. McKibbin
Mrs. Judy McKnight
John & Tracey McMahan
Teresa L. McMurray
Linda McNamara
Mr. & Mrs. Walker H. McSwain
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. McTigue
Dr. & Mrs. William D. Medina
Mr. Ronald B. Medinger
Medstream, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. D. Keith Melenyzer
Jennifer Melia
Mrs. Sharon M. Mendelsohn
Amada Mendoza
Dr. Joshua C. Merrell & Dr. Betsy S. Merrell
Cdr. & Mrs. William J. Meyers
Gregoria Meza
Mr. David L. Michalski
Ms. Ginger Michel
Jeff Michels
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Mickey, III
Mr. & Mrs. Nickolas I. Milanytch
Ms. Jane Mildren
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Miley
Dr. & Mrs. Adam Militana
Mrs. Charlene Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Craig Miller
Miller’s Fine Drycleaning
Tricia Mills
Ms. Kerry L. Mistovich
Mrs. Gina Moffitt
Mrs. Linda T. Mohring
April Monnich
Ms. Shirley D. Moore
Jason Morgan
Mrs. Kathryn S. Morgan
Ms. Polly A. Morrice
Karen Morris
Mrs. Barbara Morrison
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Morrison
Morrow Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Moss
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Moyer
Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Mullaney
Dr. & Mrs. G. Robert Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy
Cynthia Myers
Ms. Susan M. Nanassy
Mrs. Margaret C. Natoli
Dr. Jack Neil & Dr. Kristen Neil
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Neumeyer
Mr. Michael R. Nevins
Dr. Michael Newberry
Mr. & Mrs. Lee V. Nichols
Mr. Billy H. Nodine
Mrs. Sharon Norling
Norm’s Minit Marts
Dr. Lachlan D. Noyes
Paula Oates
Mr. & Mrs. J. C. O’Cain
Ms. Susan Odom
Mr. & Mrs. Frank O’Donnell
Mrs. Mary G. Olson
Mrs. Barbara S. Orr
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Orr
Mrs. Jo Ann B. Osborne
Laura Osornio
Mrs. Julie A. Osteen
Ashley Owen
James H. Pace
Maggie Page
Mr. Carl J. Palange & Ms. Kaye McDonnell
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Pankhurst
Pardee UNC Health Care
Patrick & Christy Parkhill
Mr. Kevin W. Parries
Chris & Carin Parsons
Ms. Nan K. Payne
Mrs. Jody L. Pearce
Aleashea Pendley
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co of Hickory, NC, Inc.
Mr. Allyn W. Perkins
Ms. Jacqueline C. Perry
Mrs. Judith A. Petersen
Ms. Deborah S. Phillips
Mr. Jeremy Phillips & Ms. Angela O. Vaughan
Libby Pierce
Ms. Jane Piotrowski
Cassie Pittman
Gwen Pointer
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh O. Porter, Jr.
Ms. Merissa Porto
Ms. Paige Posey
Patricia Praytor
Premier Urgent Care
Christine Price
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Price
Mrs. Margaret P. Price
Mikako Y. Price
Pro Pest, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Pryor
Dr. & Mrs. Jerald D. Pyles
Mrs. Barbara A. Pytel
Wendy Quesnel
Ms. Catherine Quinn
Mrs. Erin K. Rainey
Ms. Sara J. Rainey
Endira Ramirez
Maria Rea
J.H. Reaben Oil Company
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Redden, Jr.
Ms. Johnna Reed
Karla Reese
Ron Reeves
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Reichert
Bess Reinhardt
Mrs. Helen E. Reinhart
Mrs. Evelyn L. Renda
Mrs. B. Galen Reuther
David & Hope Reynolds
Mrs. Michelle Reynolds
Mr. W. Scott Rhodes
Dr. & Mrs. G. L. Richards, Jr.
Kimberly Richmond
Natalia Rico
Mrs. Susan S. Robbins
Sandra Roberts
Mr. Timothy C. Robinson
Nohemi Robledo
Dr. Gary M. Rodberg & Dr. Heather H. North
Dora Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez
Mrs. Barbara B. Rogers
Cindy Rogers
Mrs. Phyllis O. Rogers
Dr. & Mrs. Louis M. Rogow
Chris & Amy Romans
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Romer
Root Performance Fitness
Milissa Roper
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Rorich
Mrs. Gloria J. Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Ross
Mrs. Phyllis C. Rothrock
Mr. & Mrs. David Rourke
Mr. & Mrs. Turner M. Rouse, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Hans J. Rueschmann
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Rushton, Jr.
Ms. Darlene A. Sain
Mr. Newell J. Saltz, Jr.
Maria Sanchez Gomez
Sanctuary Brewing Company
Ms. Joan L. Sarge
Ms. Diane Sayre
Mrs. Anna B. Scheu
Mr. & Mrs. Warren D. Schmalstich
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Schmalz
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Schneck
Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Schoendorfer
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron W. Schopper
Schwab Charitable Fund
Rocio Schwab
Ms. Maureen Scullin
Mrs. Margaret M. Sease
Selee Corporation
Dr. & Mrs. Phillip A. Sellers
Mrs. Sandy Sessoms
Mrs. Carol L. Sewall
Nicole Sexton
Mrs. Friedel W. Sharadin
Sarah Shaw
Mrs. Devon M. Shealy
Shefter & Fertik, DDS, PA
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn J. Shefter
Ms. Patricia A. Sheley
Ms. Loretta Shelton
Dr. R. Kendall Shelton & Ms. Marney D. McClung
Mrs. Amie Shillinglaw
Barbara Shock
Dr. & Mrs. Russell L. Shoemaker
Candace Shuler
Ms. Susan Siler
Gloria Silva
Mrs. Peggy C. Simmons
Kim & Terry Simon
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua L. Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Skamperle
Mr. Trace L. Slama
Smiley’s Flea Market & HUGE Yard Sale
Ms. Diana L. Smith
Ms. Elizabeth A. Smith
Ms. Joan Brendle Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph (Bill) W. Smith, III
Mrs. Kathleen O. Smith
Ms. Kristen A. Smith
Mr. Michael Smith
Mrs. Patricia Smith
Col. Robert T. Smith, Jr.
Bertha Solano
Maribel Solano
Vianey Solano
Mrs. Suzanne M. Soos
Southeastern Physical Therapy
Southern Alarm & Security
Fumiko Spanbauer
SPG Group of Hilliard Lyons
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne H. Spon
Ms. Susan Squires
Mrs. Barbara Stangl
Bonnie Stanley
Laurie B. Steenwyk
Shea Steller
Brianna Stepp
Melva Stepp
Daniel Stillman
C Rivers Stone Foundation Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Stone
Dr. Pamela B. Stover
Dr. Nigel J. Strickland & Dr. Marie O. Strickland
Janice Stroud
Dr. Martin Sullivan & Ms. Anne Fulbright
Summey Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Summey
Summit Marketing Group, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Sutherland
Mr. & Mrs. Bill E. Swafford
Ms. Sharon B. Taylor
Chris Terrill
Deborah H. Tessler
Mrs. Janice M. Theron
Dr. & Mrs. Colin E. Thomas
Mrs. Diane Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. J. Eric Thomas
Mrs. Jane H. Thompson
Mrs. Linda S. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Thompson
Ms. Nicola M. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Thorndike, Jr.
Ms. Lenore Threlkeld
Mrs. Sharon Thurlby
Dr. & Mrs. S. Grey Tilden
Mr. & Mrs. Victor A. Todd
Tommy Tolles Enterprises, LLC
Kenneth Toole
Total MSP
Stan & Amy Treece
Maribel Trejo
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Edgar R. Trexler
Ms. Karen E. Tucker
Ms. Marche Tucker
Turf Mountain Sod
Judith Ulesan
Mrs. Bonnie M. Van Cleven
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Van Oosten
The Van Winkle Law Firm
Ms. Kathy S. Vandermolen
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley & Adriane VanDoren
Dr. & Mrs. Paul M. Vanek
Vannoy Construction
Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Vickery
Rev. & Mrs. Lester B. Vier
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Vineyard
Mayor Barbara G. Volk
Mrs. Nancy R. Von Holle
Mr. & Mrs. Beau Waddell
Mr. & Mrs. J. Hall Waddell
Mrs. Jane R. Waddell
Mrs. Fair N. Waggoner
Ms. Melissa Walden
Mr. & Mrs. Al Wallis
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Walsh
Mrs. Lillian Warren
Mr. Marshall A. Warshauer and Ms. Deanna K. Salpeter
Mr. Mark Warwick
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Watkins
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew O. Watson
Mr. Arthur Wayboer
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Wayne
Connie L. Webb
Pamela Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Webber
Mr. & Mrs. Lee J. Weber
Wells Fargo Bank
Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Wells
Linda Welz
Mrs. Donalee D. Wermeister
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Wert
Mr. & Mrs. Buddy West
Ms. Amarinthia O. Weymer
Ms. Rita H. Whaley
Graham & Janet White
Mrs. Patricia M. Whiteside
Mr. Cameron D. Whitlock
WHKP 1450 AM Radio
Wildflowers Salon & Spa
Haley Wilkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Willey
Cindy Williams
Mrs. Dorothy S. Williams
Robin Williams
Mrs. Sally J. Williams
Mrs. Sandra W. Williams
Stephanie Williams
Mary S. Willmott
Mr. & Mrs. Dirk A. Willms
Mrs. Megan W. Wilson
Ms. Sharon C. Wilson
Wilsonart International, Inc.
Gilbert Woodard
Wright McGraw Beyer Architects, PA
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Wright, Jr.
Karen A. Yagerhofer
Mr. & Mrs. Fredric R. Yopps
Duane Young
Mr. & Mrs. Preston Young
Santiago Zamudio
Mrs. Michelle Zimmer
Mrs. Lavinia H. Zimmermann