Hospital Programs and Services

We are grateful for your steadfast support of the Pardee Hospital Foundation. Without you, the Foundation would not have been able to fund crucial enhancements to Pardee Hospital that are essential for patient safety and care. Here are some of the things your contributions have provided.

State-of-the-Art Drills

These highly technical drills are used in Orthopedic surgery.


This scope is essential for the early detection of throat and lung cancers.

Vantage 14 Floor Scrubber

This cleaning machine helps provide the hospital and other facilities with clean and sanitary floors.

Garden Cafe Updates

The booths and benches in the Garden Cafe have been update with new upholstery for a more clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Atrium Upgrade

The Atrium has been upgraded to provide a new peaceful environment for all its visitors.

Voice and Swallowing Tower

This piece of equipment used by the ENT doctors at Pardee Hospital is used in the treatment of throat and neck cancer.

Hysteroscope with Video System

An essential tool for OB/GYN in order to detect abnormal symptoms and prevent dangerous diseases.

Handrails and Electric Doors

Pardee received new handrails and electric doors to ensure safety when traveling in and out of the building.