Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women is a program that supports women in WNC by offering both financial and emotional support to those who need it. What started in 1998 as a group of women offering means to pay for various cancer screenings and treatment has transformed into so much more.

This program continues to expand, raising over $2 million to provide resources, strength, courage, and hope patients need to conquer various medical conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer. Donors to Women Helping Women haven’t just impacted livesthey are saving them. Your support makes all of this possible.

To attend an event in support of Women Helping Women, go to our event page or contact us to learn more about how you can make a difference.

Previous Years:

Women of Hope


Since 1998, Pardee Hospital Foundation’s Women Helping Women program has raised over $2 million for financial assistance for uninsured and under-insured women as well as equipment, facilities and services for women at Pardee Hospital.  As part of this effort, the Women of Hope display was created to highlight women in our community who have experienced cancer and other women’s health issues. This display is a collection of photographic portraits, each with a personal statement from the participants.

Pardee Hospital Foundation is pleased to honor women in our community for sharing their story of courage, will, and determination. We invite you to view this wonderful collection of photographs of local women who are survivors of cancer and other serious health conditions housed at the Pardee Cancer Center.

If you or a woman you know is in need of financial assistance for a medically related issue, we encourage you to fill out our application form here.. Simply print the form, fill it out and bring it by our office at 561 Fleming Street in Hendersonville.


Nominate Your Woman of Hope

The Woman of Hope Award honors women in the community for sharing their stories of courage, determination, and will as they faced cancer and other serious health conditions. We want to congratulate our 2018 Woman of Hope, Lisa K. Bryant. She is truly a woman who exemplifies strength, courage, and hope in the face of a difficult medical diagnosis, are now open. Click here for the nomination form.

Our Women of Hope


Lisa K. Bryant


Susan Bullard
Pam Laughter
Sally Massagee
Pat Whiteside


Bobbie Trotter
Karen Orr Haug
Delwin Hyder


Mrs. Jan Richards
Ms. Karen Conley
Ms. Shannon Geyer


Mrs. Patricia R. Haire
Mrs. Lynn S. Jones
Mrs. Pamela H. Kessaris


Mrs. Marcia B. Caserio


Mrs. Dana F. Carpenter
Mrs. Jean Faulkner


Mrs. Jean D. Steer
Mrs. Mary Taylor
Mrs. Nancy M. Thomas


Mrs. Ferne C. Schnitzler
Mrs. Jeanette Wheeler


Mrs. Donna S. Goodman
Mrs. Susan S. Kain


Mrs. Maryett C. Carl
Mrs. Martha P. Payton


Mrs. Jane M. Hendrix
Mrs. Irene D. Mills

2006 – 1999

Mrs. Susan L. Albers
Mrs. Willa M. Allen
Mrs. Jayne M. Burke
Mrs. Doris A. Eklund
Mrs. Helen M. Etherton
Ms. Carrie W. Everhart
Mrs. Kay S. Hall
Mrs. Elissa B. Hamlin
Mrs. Marguerite B. Harris
Mrs. Betty Henn
Mrs. Natalie Pace-Hill
Mrs. Patricia McGee
Mrs. Edna M. Mulenex
Mrs. Linda S. Pelz
Mrs. Evelyn R. Sizemore
Mrs. Ann Styles
Mrs. Judith L. Sutherland
Mrs. Dottie F. Todd
Mrs. Virginia B. Turner
Mrs. Anne E. Wiley