Pardee Choice is the Annual Employee Giving Campaign for Pardee Team Members. Employees make pledges to donate to United Way and/or the Pardee Foundation.

Pardee Team Members raised over $55,875 through the campaign held in October 2018!!!

As a result, Pardee UNC Healthcare was recognized at the United Way of Henderson County Campaign Celebration & Donor Appreciation Dinner on Thursday, June 6. Pardee received United Way’s “GAME CHANGER AWARD” in recognition of an outstanding increase in support to United Way in 2018! Pardee was also recognized as a Double Digit Award recipient with a 10%+ increase in giving over the prior year!

Thank you to the Pardee Choice Committee and Pardee Team Members for making such a positive impact on Pardee Hospital Foundation and United Way, and for all of those in the community who receive much needed help from these gifts.