Before you know it, October 18th will be here and it will be time for the Pardee Hospital Foundation’s annual Women Helping Women luncheon.
For 22 years, Women Helping Women has been an initiative to help provide financial resources for women needing healthcare in our community. The luncheon is a major source of funding, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and guests.
Please plan to join us as we enjoy a lovely lunch, honor the Women of Hope recipients, and are inspired by our guest speaker, Tracey Conway.
Conway, an Emmy Award winning actress and comedienne shares her story of literally dropping dead on stage from sudden cardiac arrest. Her chances of survival were barely one in 20, but after six defibrillator shocks, paramedics brought her back to life. She has turned her story, “Cross my Heart and Hope to Live,” into a series of lively and poignant anecdotes that touch and inspire.