This summer we had the opportunity to host Madison Kirby as a volunteer intern for several weeks. During her time at the Pardee Foundation office Madison interviewed each of our staff members to learn about who they are outside of their position at the Foundation and also why they chose to pursue a career in philanthropy. Thanks for your hard work, Madison!

My summer volunteer experience wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Kim. She has shown me great leadership and is someone I will always look up to. Kim Hinkelman is the executive director at the Pardee Hospital Foundation. She is responsible for everything that goes on in the office. From the staff meetings every other week, to managing the budgets, to supporting the hospital foundation board, and spreading the word about Pardee and the Foundation, that’s all Kim. The events the Foundation puts on are up to her. Kim makes sure these events happen with the help of her staff and committees. She believes these events are important because it is one of the few places the community comes together to celebrate Pardee. Kim started out working with the youth through churches and camps. The nonprofit world has always been important to her and she has been involved with it her whole life as she followed in her parents footsteps. Kim believes helping people is the core of what she does and she loves it. When I asked her what the world philanthropy means to her, she said it is the love of humankind. Philanthropy is having a purpose to help other people and it isn’t all money, but it is also the time and energy people put in because of their love for others. Her favorite thing about Hendersonville is the people; there are so many people, nonprofits, and volunteers that want to help others and the community. Kim believes Pardee Hospital stands out because it has grown over the years to be a center of excellence but has still kept its roots of being a compassionate organization.