The Pardee Hospital Foundation was fortunate enough this year to host our very own Madison Kirby for a two-week long internship. During her internship Madison helped with the Black Tie and Boots Gala coordination, she attended an Inside Pardee session, a board meeting and interviewed our entire staff to give everyone a better idea of who we are! We are excited to share Madison’s piece on Inside Pardee below. Thanks for your hard work, Madison!

Written By: Madison Kirby

In an effort to help educate the community about what goes on at Pardee Hospital, the Pardee Hospital Foundation created an event called Inside Pardee. Inside Pardee is not an event intended to raise money, it is an opportunity to allow the donors to see the difference they are making in the hospital, while also inviting their friends and family to come learn what Pardee Hospital is all about. Inside Pardee is a lunch and learn held at the Flat Rock Cinema. There is a different speaker every month who informs the community about what they do and a specific disease or issue that affects people daily. Inside Pardee allows the community to learn about different diseases, cancers, or everyday problems that people face in their lifetime. As a volunteer for the Foundation over the summer, I attended the Inside Pardee event for the first time. I came to the June session where Dr. Wilder Glover Little, Jr. educated us on the topic of Prostate Cancer. I left this event an “expert” on what Prostate Cancer is, how it’s treated, the diagnosis, and so much more. I also left this event knowing the kind of people that make up Pardee. I feel that these events are important because they are able to showcase Pardee Hospital’s team. We are able to learn about the people that make Pardee the compassionate hospital they are, while educating the public on everyday issues.