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Support Pardee Hospital’s Cancer Center with an Honor Gift!

Say it isn’t so! 

Kim Hinkelman, Pardee Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director is retiring December 31, 2019! “Kim is passionate about our community, hospital, patients and philanthropy, and has raised $14.5 million for Pardee during her 8 year tenure.” said Jay Kirby, president and CEO of Pardee UNC Health Care.

Vaughan Matthews, chairperson of the board of directors for Pardee Hospital Foundation remarked, “She has helped to further develop a culture of philanthropy and leadership within our board that will serve us well into the future.”

Under Kim’s leadership, more than $6.5 million was raised for the Cancer Center that opened in November 2016. Now, please join us in honoring Kim Hinkelman with a tribute gift in her name to the Pardee Hospital Foundation to benefit the Pardee Cancer Center so we can further the good work and positive outcomes for patients.

Support Pardee Sports Medicine’s Concussion Initiative!!

Dwayne Durham, Director of Pardee UNC Health Care’s Sports Medicine Department and Athletic Trainer at East Henderson High School, shared an event that happened at East Henderson during football practice earlier this season.

Midway through practice, in one of the concussion helmets, the alert went off indicating that one of the players had received a hit that was 90 g. In accordance with protocol, the player was removed for evaluation. Upon exam and questioning, the player told the coaches he actually had a headache and was nauseated since Thursday night after the JV game. He had not reported these symptoms to anyone. He was pulled from the rest of practice and coaches talked with his dad.

While it cannot be attributed that the headache and nausea resulted from a hit in the JV game, it was good that the issue was picked up. One major concern with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is secondary impact syndrome. This is an extremely serious condition that occurs when the brain receives several blows. On their own, this may not be a problem, but cumulatively can lead to a poor prognosis. The fact the helmet alerted the trainers may have well prevented a very negative outcome.

The Riddell helmets that are fitted with sensors to measure G-force of hits on the field come with a price tag of $500 each, compared to $300 for regular helmets. The goal is to provide 12 helmets to each high school football team. North Henderson has 12 helmets and West Henderson, East Henderson and Hendersonville have four each. Won’t you consider supporting our youth with this valuable piece of equipment!

Support Pardee Hospital’s Cardiac Program!

Nancy Burns knows first-hand how important it is for Pardee Hospital to have a strong cardiology program. Two years ago Nancy’s husband Dick had a cardiac event and was able to be stabilized at Pardee before being rushed to Mission Hospital for extensive surgery. Nancy described the travel to Asheville as one of the most nerve wracking drives of her life. Thankfully, Dick made a full recovery and now she and Dick are once again leading active lives.

Since that event, Dick and Nancy have become CHAMPIONS of Pardee’s Cardiac Program and ambassadors of the Foundation’s fund raising efforts. Won’t you join Dick and Nancy with your heart felt support! The GE Case V6.7 with Treadmill and EKG is a critical piece of equipment that can assist in early detection of potential heart disease.  

GE Case V6.7 with Treadmill and EKG

Early detection of potential heart disease, just like early detection of cancer, can mean receiving treatment sooner with better results. The GE Case V6.7 with Treadmill and EKG provides a non-invasive cardiac stress test for people with suggestive symptoms of heart disease. Pardee UNC Health Care takes the approach of “least invasive first” to treating patients with potential heart disease. If the initial set of tests return with normal results but the patient has signs symptomatic of a heart condition, the stress test, paired with exercising, could mean the difference between life and death. This piece of equipment is the standard throughout the UNC Health Care system so our patients will receive the same level of testing and treatment as they would at every UNC hospital. Your gift could help save a life.