Interested in what specific initiatives you can support here at the Pardee Hospital Foundation? Check out some of our active fundraising goals and read about our current champions. Consider asking yourself, what could YOU champion here at the Pardee Hospital Foundation to ensure that others receive the advanced healthcare we all deserve?

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Support Pardee Cardiac Services with a gift to help purchase $72,000 STATE of the ART Treadmill!

Peter Wallace credits Dr. Eduardo Balcells and the Pardee Cardiac Services Team for saving his life. Join Peter and support Pardee’s expanding cardiology services. Early detection of heart disease, just like early detection of cancer, can mean receiving treatment sooner with better results. The State-of-the-Art GE Case Treadmill with built in EKG provides high-quality, patient-focused cardiovascular care. We believe, just as you do, that every person deserves lifesaving services close to home. Your gift matters today for the health of our community!

Support Pardee Sports Medicine’s Concussion Initiative!!

High school football is the sport with the greatest proportion of concussions in young athletes. Pardee Sports Medicine provides Riddell Concussion Monitoring Helmets to Henderson County and other area high schools to allow immediate evaluation and treatment of concussions. Join Pardee Foundation Board Chair Vaughan Matthews and his wife Kiki, Board Member David Amsler and his wife Susan along with Board Member Kohlan Flynn and his wife Linda with a purchase of a concussion monitoring helmet! Your gift of $500 buys a helmet!! Our GOAL is to supply 12 Helmets to each high school!!

Support Pardee’s Orthopedic Services – Development of New Fragility Fracture Clinic and Orthopedic Surgical Equipment!

One in four Americans aged 65+ falls every year as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To address this need within our communities, Pardee is creating a new Fragility Fracture Clinic that will coordinate the approach to treating identified fragile fractures with a focus on appropriate clinical, surgical and post-fracture interventions.

Please consider joining Dr. Keith Maxwell, Orthopedic Surgeon and his wife Cindy by supporting the Fragility Fracture Clinic.

Support Pardee Cancer Services

The Pardee Cancer Center is the only comprehensive cancer center in Henderson County, serving the surrounding region and recently earned National Accreditation from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. The Pardee Cancer Center continues to expand its services and EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS to bring high quality compassionate care close to home!

Support a Woman in Need with the Purchase of a Mammogram

The need is great! According to the Center for Women’s Health Research at UNC, approximately one in five women in Henderson County have inadequate or no healthcare insurance resources. Only $175 provides a mammogram to a woman in need!

A Small Amount Each Month Really Adds UP!

Put a little less stress on your wallet!  Set up a monthly credit card charge of $25 and by the end of the year, you have made a difference with a $300 donation.  Call the Pardee Hospital Foundation Office at 828.233.2700 to make arrangements!