Nada Raube’s Story

Nada Raube’s Story

Nada was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 when she lived in New Jersey. She underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy in nearby Philadelphia and her cancer went into remission. When she moved here in 2009, she began seeing a new physician who recommended a routine bone scan. The bone scan detected that the cancer had returned and metastasized to her bones. When the physician retired, she referred Nada to Hendersonville Hematology and Oncology at Pardee, where Nada began seeing Dr. James Radford.

“I sing Dr. Radford’s praises. He is such a good match for my personality and has done a wonderful job working with me, letting me know what’s happening and letting me live my life rather than being treated constantly. He has just been wonderful.” (more…)

Tim Jones’ Story

Tim Jones’ Story

Tim Jones is 62, was born in Hendersonville and has lived here all his life. He went in for a routine colonoscopy in March 2015, which detected a tumor. He had the tumor removed and learned he had stage IV colon cancer. He met with Dr. James Radford after his surgery.

“When I first went from having a routine colonoscopy to having cancer, I went back to my family physician, Dr. Moffitt. I asked him if I needed to see someone else or get a second opinion. He told me Dr. Radford is at the top of the class and if he had a family member in the same position as me, he’d send them to Dr. Radford. I felt good going in. Once we did the initial interview with Dr. Radford, I began chemotherapy every other week and blood work every week. The team at Hendersonville Hematology and Oncology at Pardee does a great job of making me feel comfortable with where I am and how things are going. I’m making progress in the right direction.”

“It’s obvious Dr. Radford’s team could use more room for their offices, exam rooms and chemo clinic. To be honest, I had no idea there was a chemo clinic in the current building until I was the patient. I think if people become more aware of what’s available and there’s a need there, the new center will be something that can be very helpful.”

“I’ve been impressed with not only the level of care with Dr. Radford, but also the nurses at the chemo center that I see every other week. These nurses are working with people who have life-threatening diseases and they treat you in a way that make you feel very comfortable with their care. It takes a very special type of nurse to work in that area, I think. Even when I come in the front door of the practice, the staff at the reception desk are very helpful. It’s just a team effort, from the front desk to the doctor. It’s been an amazing experience working with them. If I had not had the need for cancer treatment, I wouldn’t have known. Even if someone isn’t dealing with cancer in their life, it’s important to know the new center will be available.

Join Tim in ensuring a brighter future for your community.

Help support your cancer center.

Hear A Donor’s Story

Hear A Donor’s Story

Have you ever wondered what motivates a donor to give to Pardee Hospital Foundation? With so many worthy causes out there, what is it specifically about the Foundation that inspires our community year after year? Did you know that you didn’t even have to read the rest of this blog post to hear why our community members partner with the Foundation?

Ask Me!

You can hear even more donor stories by checking out our YouTube page here.


So what impact do these friends have on the hospital? This year, contributions from our supporters have provided patients with (a short list):

  • room and equipment improvements in the Urgent Care and Rehab & Wellness Center
  • a new Hana Table that allows for more effective surgeries and faster recovery times during anterior hip replacement procedures
  • rehabilitation pool flooring renovations
  • ICU and Orthopedic recliner chairs
  • a bladder scanner
  • 187 IV pumps

We are so grateful for the steadfast support of these and all of our many partners. Without you, the Foundation would not be able to fund crucial enhancements at Pardee Hospital that are essential for patient safety and care. You help keep Pardee in the top 5% of hospitals in the nation for patient safety.

FRP Production of Wit to Benefit WHW

FRP Production of Wit to Benefit WHW

Do you have plans for this weekend?  Might we humbly suggest visiting the Flat Rock Playhouse downtown stage Saturday night to catch a reading of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Wit?

Wit, for those unfamiliar, is the intimate story of one woman’s journey following her cancer diagnosis. Viewers will hear the story as told from the main character’s point of view. With a minimal cast, it is the evolution of the patient, a renowned English scholar and professor, throughout her treatment that fascinates. A poignant reflection on intellect and compassion, writer Margaret Edson has created a shockingly humanistic experience for audiences. This true masterpiece, combined with the artistry of our friends at Flat Rock Playhouse, promises to deliver a memorable theatre experience. (Word to the wise: bring a tissue. When we say poignant, we mean poignant.)

Less tissue-worthy is the fact that all proceeds from this one night only performance will benefit Pardee Hospital Foundation’s Women Helping Women program.

What’s Women Helping Women?

  • Pardee Hospital Foundation founded Women Helping Women in 1998 to address a morbid trend: Henderson County had the second highest death rate for breast cancer in the state.
  • Today, thanks in large part to Women Helping Women and other charitable health-care programs, we have reduced the morbidity rate in Henderson County well below the state average to the lowest 15 percentile – 85th out of 100 counties in the North Carolina.
  • Since 1998, Women Helping Women campaigns have raised more than $1.7 million for equipment, facility renovations, screenings and health-care services for women. In 2014, Pardee Hospital Foundation’s Women Helping Women campaign raised $145,000 to add to the on-going Women Helping Women fund for financial assistance for uninsured women for their healthcare needs at Pardee Hospital.
  • Nearly 1,000 women have received financial assistance from Women Helping Women funds since 1998.

Showing is at 6:00 pm on October 24th. Tickets are only $10 and are available by calling the Flat Rock Playhouse box office at 828.693.0731 or by clicking here.

A Foundation On A Mission – Part Two

A Foundation On A Mission – Part Two

Thanks for checking back to find out about the second half of our mission – educating our community to support Pardee Hospital. We’re really excited to introduce you to our newest program that is leading the way in community health education and outreach: The Faith Community Health program.

Faith Community Health is a dynamic partnership facilitated by the Foundation between faith communities, Pardee Hospital services and physician groups, and community resources.

This collaboration allows the caring strengths of congregations, the clinical expertise of health providers, and a network of local resources to work together to promote holistic health. Pardee Hospital nurses volunteer their time and talent to partner with their home faith communities, providing a direct line of care through screenings, learning opportunities, and health counseling. Members of these faith communities not only benefit from the proximity to health resources but also from the opportunity to communicate potentially sensitive concerns with a familiar face. Within a manner of months, we already have seven local churches partner with us to bring the program to their congregations, and five nurses have undergone training to participate.

This program is a great extension of our work within Women Helping Women in which we support women in WNC by offering both financial and emotional support to those who need it.

If you aren’t already familiar with our Women Helping Women program, there are tons of opportunities in October to get engaged!

ONE NIGHT ONLY! Come join us for a staged reading of WIT at the Flat Rock Playhouse Downtown on October 24. (Call the Playhouse at 828.693.0731 for tickets. Only $10 each!)

We hope you will join us for this year’s Women Helping Women luncheon on Friday, October 30th at 11:30 AM at the Blue Ridge Community College. Register here.