The Pardee Hospital Foundation was fortunate enough this year to host our very own Madison Kirby for a two-week long internship. During her internship Madison helped with the Black Tie and Boots Gala coordination, she attended an Inside Pardee session, a board meeting and interviewed our entire staff to give everyone a better idea of who we are! We are excited to share Madison’s piece on a Pardee Hospital Foundation Board Meeting below. Thanks for your hard work, Madison!

Author: Madison Kirby

The Pardee Hospital Foundation exists in an effort to raise funds to support the needs of Pardee Hospital. Every year, the foundation puts on events to help reach their goal they have set for that year. The events consist of the Pardee Gala, the Annual Cornhole Tournament, and Women Helping Women. They are a way of bringing the Pardee community together to help support Pardee Hospital.

The Pardee Hospital Foundation Board is what allows the annual fundraising goal to be reached. I was invited to sit in on one of the monthly board meetings and was able to observe what they talked about and the things they do for Pardee. The board approves the budgets of what the staff members at Pardee Hospital Foundation have proposed. Without the hospital foundation board, the foundation wouldn’t be as successful.

At the end of every board meeting, a speaker is invited to share their patient story.

At the meeting I attended, Jean Ann Rushton shared her story. Her sister had been diagnosed with stage 4 small cell cancer and began her treatment at the Cancer Center right here in Henderson County. She shared how excellent the service was at Pardee, but also how convenient it was to travel to cancer treatments and get such compassionate care. Due to the great experience they had at Pardee, Jean Ann led a campaign for $10,000 to name a nurse navigation room at the Pardee Cancer Center. Stories, such as this one, show the impact the hospital foundation and the board are making on lives here in Henderson County.