Faith Community Health

Finding health in faithfulness

Faith Community Health is a dynamic partnership facilitated by the Foundation between faith communities, Pardee Hospital services and physician groups, and community resources. This collaboration allows the caring strengths of congregations, the clinical expertise of health providers and a network of local resources to work together to promote wholistic health. As a fun way to make the connection, visit our Pinterest page.

Faith Community Health aims to:

Support – by mentoring nurses and lay health promoters to assist with education, tools and program assistance to create a systematic approach to wellness and health within their faith community.
Advocate – for health and wellness initiatives for individuals and families within the faith community, while providing opportunities to receive education and screenings including under-insured and non-insured.
Connect – to facilitate local resources, Pardee Hospital, and Foundation programs to build a strong network of faith communities and nurses.

Faith Community Health
Model for Wellness

Faith Life
Building a relationship with God, your neighbors, and yourself.

Discovering ways to enjoy physical activity.

Appreciating your skills, talents, and gifts.

Partnering with your healthcare provider to manage your medical care

Managing stress and understanding your feelings to better care for yourself.

Making smart food choices and developing healthy eating habits.

Friends & Family
Giving and receiving support through relationships.

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