In today’s society, people spend the majority of their free time surfing their phones. If you’re sitting on your couch, eating your breakfast or enduring a long commute, chances are that you have looked at your mobile device at least once.

In fact, 77% of U.S. adults own a smartphone and one in five adults is a “smartphone only” user. As the times change, we as a non-profit have to take notice. Not only do the numbers reflect that more people are using their phone to surf the internet, this upwards trend of mobile use has translated into a new way of donating: mobile giving. In fact, almost all websites that you visit now are responsive for your mobile device. This makes reading articles, purchasing clothes and browsing information exponentially easier.

At Pardee Hospital Foundation we always strive to remain top of mind when it comes to charitable giving. We appreciate all gifts, no matter the size, that walk through our door, but we want you to know there are other ways to give! If we only accepted in-person gifts, we would be way behind the times. Our website not only allows donating if you’re using your computer, but it is also mobile friendly. That means that no matter where you are on the go, you can take Pardee Foundation with you.