Pardee Hospital Foundation’s Volunteer of the Month for August is Michael “Flash” Gordon, owner/manager of Norm’s Minit Marts—

a business he has taken over from this father, the namesake and late founder. Always willing to participate, volunteer, and donate to local charitable events, Flash is a valuable friend of the Pardee Foundation. He and his mother, Marilyn, regularly support and attend many Foundation fundraising events.

During June and July of this year, Flash donated $1 for every Rain X carwash purchased at his Kanuga Road location, to Pardee Hospital Foundation. More than
$1,800 was raised.

Flash served in the military, has an interest in Vintage cars and is a board member for the Blue Ridge Humane Society. Norm’s Mini Marts have three Hendersonville locations—Spartanburg Highway, Kanuga Road and Dana Road.