Planned Gifts

Using creativity and smart charitable giving, you can help to shape Pardee Hospital’s future as the region’s leader for comprehensive and compassionate care.

Including Pardee Hospital in your long-term financial or estate plans is an important decision. It is a decision which reflects your belief in the importance of Pardee Hospital and your commitment to its future. Pardee Hospital Foundation serves as the charitable organization on behalf of the Hospital which allows you to fulfill your philanthropic intentions while maximizing tax advantages and financial flexibility. One very smart way that the Foundation can help you is through planned gifts. These types of gifts fall into two categories: estate gifts and income gifts. Estates gifts include bequests and retirement plans. Income gifts include gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

Estate Gifts


A bequest is a simple paragraph in your will or living trust which donates either a defined amount or a percentage of your final estate to Pardee Hospital Foundation. You can direct the bequest gift to support a particular program or to support the greatest needs of the Hospital. Estate gifts which are more than a specified amount can set up a permanent fund, called an endowment, which will generate interest for as long as the Hospital exists.

Retirement Plans

You can name Pardee Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary or alternate beneficiary of a percentage of your retirement plans-401(k), 403(b), IRA- which may reduce the income and estate taxes on these assets. Plus, gifts through a retirement plan are very easy to complete- usually with a simple form or online. As with a bequest, you can direct the gift to support a specific area or the greatest needs of the Hospital.

Life Income Gifts

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and the Foundation. In exchange for a minimum gift of $10,000, the Foundation will pay you an annual payment, based on your age. You will receive a tax deduction and part of the annual payment will also be tax fee.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is a trust set up by the Foundation which pays you and your spouse an annual amount based on the fair market value of your gift. In exchange for your gift, you will receive a tax deduction. The annual payment will continue for you and your spouse’s lives or twenty years, whichever comes first.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society was created to recognize and to honor the extraordinary generosity of the people who have included the Pardee Hospital Foundation in their estate plans. By telling us of your plans and providing appropriate information, you will be listed as a Legacy Society member in our Annual Report and be invited to the Legacy Society luncheon held in the fall.

Your support empowers Pardee to continue its compassionate, innovative care.

Contact us today to explore resourceful ways in making a bigger gift than you thought possible while being tax-wise and planning for your future.