Karli Simon experienced firsthand what it is like to watch a family member go through cancer treatments at Pardee Hospital. In 2015 when Karli was a Hendersonville High School freshman, her mother Kim was diagnosed with cancer. Karli observed her mother’s healthy lifestyle and wondered if there was a correlation between healthy living and cancer diagnoses.

When her junior year arrived, she began to brainstorm ideas for her senior project. Her research paper explored whether living a healthy lifestyle could decrease the risk of cancer.
The second part of Karli’s project began in her senior year. She utilized her sister’s craft skills to learn how to make homemade soaps. She sold these soaps throughout Hendersonville and raised over $1,200, which she will be donating to the Pardee Cancer Center.
Karli was inspired by the quality of care her mother received from the physicians and medical staff at Pardee. She wants the money she raised to support the place that helped heal her mom. She hopes her contribution will encourage others to give to the Pardee Hospital Foundation to honor Pardee doctors. It’s a wonderful way to say, “Thank you.”