Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor Rachel Willingham and teacher at North Henderson High School. She is a mother of five children and in this podcast, Rachel shares with WTZQ about her journey with breast cancer diagnosis and her battle that started when she was 38 years old in 2009.

Rachel very frankly shares how she ministered to her family and shared with her children how she was sick and what the breast cancer meant for their family. Her families support, strength and ups and downs is truly the cancer diagnosis. “Everyone goes through it,” says Rachel.

“Your family can’t be sick for you,” says Rachel about her 20 week chemo treatment regimen and 33-week radiation treatment. The initial diagnosis until the final treatment has taken four years. And it has taken it’s toll on Rachel and her family. But she believes that her family has endured and become stronger through this. “It is hard to see your mom sick,” says Willingham.

Eventually Willingham opted for a double-mastectomy. She has had a total reconstruction and feels like she has so much to live for these days. She has returned to the classroom at North Henderson.

The new cancer center at Pardee is important to Rachel Willingham because the location is crucial. Being a mom to young children, means you don’t want to miss out on so many events that your children are involved in just because you are sick. “There is a lot of traveling when you have a cancer diagnosis…You want to be there as much as possible.” The centrally located Cancer Center will mean that you can stay here for all of your treatment. Right here. Right now.

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