Jay Kirby speaking

Pardee Hospital CEO Jay Kirby stopped by WTZQ and shared his passion for the community, health and the future of Pardee Hospital.

A quick rundown of the awards that Pardee Hospital has recently won:

Consumer Reports Top Surgical Hospital in North Carolina.

Consumer Reports 7th Safest Hospital in the United States.

The Hip and Knee Program, Joint Camp, has received the highest rating for 10 years in a row.

National Government 4-star Patient Satisfaction Rating.

“A” rating from LeapFrog, five years in a row.

Jay Kirby also shares in the podcast what the benefits to the community the Pardee Hospital model will create for Henderson County. The growth needs and community requirements are creating a demand for a healthcare system that has a Cancer Center for the growing and aging population that Henderson County is projecting. Pardee Hospital is in development to create a  cutting edge Cancer Center here in Henderson County to serve our residents needs and to bring that advanced, compassionate care to Henderson County.

To donate to the Cancer Center, click here