Nada was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 when she lived in New Jersey. She underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy in nearby Philadelphia and her cancer went into remission. When she moved here in 2009, she began seeing a new physician who recommended a routine bone scan. The bone scan detected that the cancer had returned and metastasized to her bones. When the physician retired, she referred Nada to Hendersonville Hematology and Oncology at Pardee, where Nada began seeing Dr. James Radford.

“I sing Dr. Radford’s praises. He is such a good match for my personality and has done a wonderful job working with me, letting me know what’s happening and letting me live my life rather than being treated constantly. He has just been wonderful.”

Nada’s daughter lives in Phoenix and Dr. Radford helped Nada establish a contact in that area when she goes to visit her daughter in case she needs urgent healthcare.

“I can only say good things about the whole staff at Pardee. They are all very professional and are constantly making me feel good about what’s going on as best they can. They emphasize the happy moments. I can’t tell you how happy I am with Hendersonville Hematology and Oncology at Pardee.

Nada likes the practice’s semi-private rooms.

“I’ve met the most interesting people. They are eager to share their stories and hear my story. It’s never so unpleasant that I dread going. I’ve had setbacks here and there because of chemotherapy, but the center is as positive as it can possibly be. A real plus is the coziness. I can’t tell you how good the nurses are. If there’s a problem at home, I get a quick call back. They are very knowledgeable and calming – all the things you’d expect, but not always get.”

“I was 57 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer and I was shocked. I wasn’t ready to quit my job.”

“When we were leaving New Jersey, people said, ‘Why are you moving? The healthcare is so good here.’ Well, my husband has had two knee replacements here in Hendersonville and together we’ve seen what seems like all of the specialists here. I’m telling you, it’s much more personal here and everything is much easier to get to than in a big city… It’s more convenient and less stressful.”

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