Balance. It sometimes feels like a moving target; we just can’t quite find the bull’s eye. For many of us, balance is something we are constantly trying to attain or maintain. While balance may be different for each person, you can certainly feel it when your life is in balance and when it begins to tip out of balance. When we are out of balance, our well being suffers, our health may decline and our level of happiness may diminish.

To help achieve a healthy balance, examine these 7 Dimensions of Wellness. You may find an area in your life that is a bit lopsided.

FaithLifeFaith traditions vary widely, but at the core, a spiritual life helps us build better relationships with our family, neighbors and ourselves. It can also alleviate stress in times of hardship.

MovementOur bodies were created to move. In addition to the direct health benefits of physical activity, several studies suggest that engaging in physical activity or exercise programs can also benefit emotional well being. Multiple studies indicate that physical activity improves mood and reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety. No matter what your physical activity level is now, you can discover ways to enjoy movement.

MedicalYou and your doctor form an impressive team. Your doctor has medical education, training and experience, and you thoroughly know yourself and how you should feel. By working together, you can build a partnership that allows you to manage and seek the best possible medical care.

WorkWe were made to work, and to value work is natural for us. So many times we undervalue our contributions. Learn to appreciate the skills, talents and gifts you bring to your job. You can enrich your life by understanding the value of your contributions whether at work, in the home, or through volunteer commitments.

EmotionalIt’s pretty easy to turn to unhealthy habits in response to stress in our lives. For many people, that habit – whether food, mindless TV, excessive spending, alcohol or something else – makes us feel better for just a moment. Understanding your feelings and emotional needs can help in taking care of yourself and manage stress in a healthier way.

NutritionGood nutrition builds strong bodies that can lead to being healthy and whole. What you eat matters. Food, while enjoyable, should be consumed as fuel for the body, mind and soul. Your eating habits will change when you begin to treat it with gratitude rather than being frivolous or foolish.

FriendsFamilyCoping with life is sometimes hard, but friends and family make it easier. You can both give and receive support through the relationships in your life.