So many times we hear people talk about being “present”, about living in the moment. But just what does this mean? Being present is being fully aware of where you are and what you are feeling in your body, mind and soul. It sounds simple, but being present is actually a lost skill in today’s busy multi-tasking world.

Being present in the moment is a powerful experience. Being present with loved ones and in prayer can release stress, improve relationships and overall health and well-being. Like all skills, the act of being present takes practice and time. Here are some tips that can help you live in the moment with friends, family and God.

Being Present in Life

  • Lay down technology and the stressors of the day and make time to connect with family and friends. Everyday pick one loved one to give 30 minutes of your attention to. Being present in the moment with our loved ones is of the best gifts we can give.
  • Do a daily assessment of how you are feeling spiritually, physically and emotionally. What can you do for yourself each day to make improvements in your life?

Prayer is an intimate conversation with God where we talk and listen to Him. It is how we share and express ourselves to God, whether it is in gladness, gratitude or even grief. Being present during our time with God allows for a deeper connection and understanding of what God wants us to hear.

Power of Presence in Prayer

  • Find a posture that allows you to be relaxed and alert. It helps to have your neck and spine aligned.
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply several times.
  • Consciously release muscle tension. Breathe in peace,breathe out tension.
  • Quiet your mind. If distracting thoughts keep returning, lay them at God’s feet so that you can focus on Him.
  • Let God’s presence fill your consciousness, and simply rest in Him – just as you might with someone you love dearly and feel no need to speak to, just to be with.
  • Listen for His words and guidance that He is speaking to your heart; remembering His answer will always align with the word of the Bible.
  • Close your prayer by thanking God for any gifts or thoughts received in this time.
  • Slowly return to what is going on around you whenever you choose to.

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