Those of you who have been on our website or are a friend on Facebook may have noticed the accumulation of some funny little things called “podcasts”. Maybe your friends have talked about them and you’ve nodded your head, hoping that nobody recognizes that you have no idea what they’re talking about. You’re happy for us to have them and for people to appreciate them, but all of this begs the question: what in the world IS a podcast?


For you academics, we found a quick video with lots of information. To make a long story short for the rest of us, podcasts are (typically) audio files produced as a series, much like a radio show you can listen to online at your convenience! Podcasts can be about anything; just check out the list of podcasts that NPR has to see how many different topics only one radio station is covering. (We here at the office are big StoryCorps fans.)

PHF has partnered with local radio station WTZQ to share with our community all the best details about our Capital Campaign, with different stories running regularly. We’ve got scientific details with Dr. Eisenhauer, incredible cancer survival stories with the beautiful Marcia Caserio and everybody’s favorite math teacher, Rachel Willingham, plus administrative insight from our knowledgeable staff. Click on one of the links above and learn a little bit while you’re driving to work, doing the dishes, or brushing your teeth. You have to anyway!