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So, when we read from the Harvard School of Public Medicine (1) that exercise improves sleep, helps prevent osteoporosis, relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression, and can help prevent the development of certain cancers, we knew we wanted to incorporate more exercise not only in our own lives, but also in our work. Within our office, we’ve got walkers, runners, yogis, weight-lifters, cyclists, and triathletes. We keep up with our fitness trackers and try not to stay seated too long. But the question remains: how can we encourage our community to be active with us?

 Cue the Cornhole Tournament!

Cornhole Tournament

For the second year, Pardee Hospital Foundation is offering one of the most accessible forms of exercise around: cornhole! Whether you are young or old, male or female, Popeye pre-spinach or Popeye post-spinach, you can probably participate in this family-friendly game. Have you never heard of it? Check out this introductory video from the American Cornhole Organization (2) :

Yes, there really is an American Cornhole Organization. No, we are not suggesting any endorsement in this post.

Cornhole can be as easy-going or competitive a game as you want it to be, and so we’re offering two separate brackets to accommodate both of these objectives. (For those of you who think you have a real knack, this could be great training for the World Championships of Cornhole this July!)

A fun Saturday with friends and (did we mention) children’s activities in a beautiful place…how could it get any better?

While you’re enjoying the tournament with your family and friends, all proceeds from the event support Pardee’s award-winning Women & Children’s Center. Yep, it’ll be the perfect afternoon.

We would love to see you all there on April 18th, and you can participate in many ways. Please fill out our contact form or call the office (remember to use our new number (828) 233-2700) to tell us how you’d like to volunteer. To register, click here.

Have you seen our new offices? Stop by and visit at 561 Fleming St.



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