On August 7, with the help and cooperation of the Hendersonville Country Club, we were excited to host a luncheon dedicated to spreading the word about Women Helping Women. Although many people think that Women Helping Women is simply an annual luncheon, it is so much more. Women Helping Women is a program dedicated to improving the health of uninsured and underinsured women in our area.

At this year’s luncheon we enjoyed fabulous fare prepared by the Hendersonville Country Club chef, Steve Boeger, as well as an informative talk delivered by Pardee Hospital’s own Dr. Jennifer McAlister. Dr. McAlister is a board certified surgeon specializing in breast surgery.

She spoke to attendees about how far breast research has come in the last 20 years. Our mammograms and follow-up surgeries have gone from a full mastectomy at any sign of a lump, to 4-D mammograms that can target exactly the size of the lump, leading to less invasive surgeries. We are so lucky to have surgeons like Dr. McAlister who are interested in utilizing these healthcare advancements here in Hendersonville.

At this year’s luncheon, we raised over $5,600 through donations and raffle ticket sales. We want to extend a special thank you to Kiki Matthews who initiated the organization of this event last year in an effort to ramp up our Women Helping Women fundraising and spread awareness about the program. Thank you also to the Hendersonville Country Club for hosting a wonderful and informative luncheon.

If you are interested in hearing more about the types of advancements that Dr. McAlister has been implementing at Pardee Hospital, you can attend her Inside Pardee presentation. She will be speaking at Flat Rock Cinema on Friday, September 28 at 12 pm. Call Nancy Christy at the Foundation, 828-233-2700, to place your complimentary lunch order and reserve your spot today!